Yes, well, no. Kind of. Long story short, my husband Greg and I got married in the lakeside town of Varenna in May of 2017 and it was beyond our wildest dreams. Originally, was just our wedding website for guests to use as a resource when planning their trips, but when the domain was about to expire, I decided to leave it up in case it would be helpful to other brides. The site has always been public, and I noticed it was getting lots of traffic, making me wonder if there was a lack of consolidated information about weddings in this area beyond the planner sites. Since Me, Greg, and my parents had spent 18 months scouring the internet for resources about Italian weddings, after our wedding, I organized and built upon our travel tips to create a brand new Como Away With Us; a place where prospective Lake Como brides and their guests can come learn about the area, the logistics of getting married there, plan events, find things to do, and more. I live in Chicago, my parents live in North Carolina, and we got married in Italy without a (lot of) hitch(es), and I'd love nothing more than to share what we learned in the process.

Beyond just compiling information, I have the firsthand experience of planning an international destination wedding and want brides to feel free to reach out to me with questions (if you want some honest answers!). I remember feeling like I just wanted someone to explain to me in 2 minutes what 2 days of internet searching would require, and I hope to be that resource for you!