Organizational tools for wedding planning

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The planner will take care of a lot, but you have to be organized with your budget, guest list, to-do lists, gifts, seating charts, etc. These tools make it easy, consolidated, and best of all - they are dynamic and shared. Meaning, they update in real-time as different people make edits, saving you from having to send documents back and forth. Great to share (or not share depending on how tense things are haha) with your fiancé, parents, in laws, and planner to keep everyone informed. Templates via Google Docs & Alicia Ann Photographers.


Example Budget Template

This covers pretty much everything you could possible be paying for in a standard wedding, and you can adjust to your liking. It automatically estimates totals by category too, so you can play around with where to splurge/save!

TO Do list template

Breaks up typical activities by the time period in which you should complete them. Of course, some things will vary for a destination wedding,  but a great starting point you can edit to your liking. Don't forget to write down EVERYTHING!


I highly recommend doing digital RSVPs so a spreadsheet auto-populates for you, but this is also a great template that breaks it out by kids, +1s, rehearsal attendance, dietary restrictions, e-mail addresses, and more.

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seating chart template

You won't need this until down the line, but as people RSVP you can start to group them by table. There are also some great seating chart tips by Style Me Pretty built in. Great to share with your family or anyone else who has seating input!



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