first thing's first.

Before we get in too deep, I'll first ask you to be honest with yourself. When you envision yourself at your wedding, where are you? Why? What excites you about it? How does it reflect what you love and value?

It could be that location doesn't matter, because you're with the people that you love. It could be a blank box anywhere in the world that you can sculpt with your own details. It could be a sentimental place from your background that you're proud to share with others. It could be that you don't see anything (that's fine too).

For me, I couldn't picture myself anywhere at first. Not every bride feels 'bridal,' not every bride has Pinterest boards and Say Yes to the Dress on the DVR, and that's ok. That's why I asked about what excites you, what you love and value, because that's what helped me build my vision (and what led me to Italy). Destination weddings are a lot of work, and there are times when you're so overwhelmed, that the final vision and overarching sentiment are what enable you to power through the minutiae. If you're doing a destination that you haven't been to before and it sounds nice in theory, doing it just to make someone else happy, or defaulting to it because you're not sure where else to go, I'd make a pretty quick u-turn before going further down the destination wedding road. But alas, we don't always have control over these things, and there's no harm in browsing, so scroll down below to read some of our thoughts on important things to consider when you're planning a destination wedding. 


what's the most important thing to consider first?

Why it's important to clear the destination, cost, and timing with the people you deem to be essential to your wedding. 

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I've read a lot of posts about deciding on a destination wedding THEN picking the location, however, I think it should be the other way around. I think that you should love a location so much that it warrants the inconvenience of having a wedding far away. Continue Reading

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Pros & Cons of Destination WEddings

A handful of pros and cons about destination weddings that I continue to add to over time. I even find the cons to be positive at times; perhaps it speaks volumes that I keep only writing lists of pros! More to come soon.

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