Featured hotel: Hotel villa Cipressi

About Villa Cipressi
Via IV Novembre, 18, 23829 Varenna LC, Italy

+39 0341 830113

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Hotel Villa Cipressi was the location for our wedding reception and the internet does not do it justice. Surrounded by botanic gardens, Hotel Villa Cipressi is right on the shores of Lake Como. It features a gourmet restaurant, rooms with private bathrooms, and an extensive breakfast included in the room rate. We chose the villa for its stunning gardens and location in the heart of Varenna. The other reason we chose it is that the rooms are a great value for the location. You'll find that Italian hotel rooms tend to be fairly basic, but they do have hair dryers, wifi, and air conditioning/ceiling fans, and the party is right downstairs. Trust us, you won't spend too much time in the room!

You can book out the Villa entirely if you want to have music and for the reception to go after 11pm. Otherwise, the hotel needs to be respective to other patrons and keep the noise down. They truly exceeded our expectations and are so affordable relative to nearby accommodations. 

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E-mail: info@hotelvillacipressi.it    OR  Skype: +39 0341 830113