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Comoawaywith.us is a subsidiary of Kate's parent company, Be There in Five, LLC.

Be There in Five is primarily a home decor company most well-known for creating 'remindoormats.' Instead of a welcome mat that sees you in the home, Be There in Five's mission is to create designs that see you on the way out. With over 40 SKUs, notably their proprietary fire safety phrases such as "turn off your curling iron" (or flat iron), Be There in Five has gone from a small handmade etsy shop to a wholesale business that has sold on Wayfair, in Nordstrom stores, and over 50 boutiques nationwide.

For more info, please visit bethereinfive.com + bethereinfive.etsy.com!


About Kate Kennedy

Kate is a 30 year old Chicago transplant from Virginia. Besides being obsessed with all things Italian, she's also a recent entrepreneur, perennial creative, lover of black clothing, pop culture enthusiast, cheerleader of women and a people-loving introvert. While previously working as a marketing director, she launched her Etsy shop in early 2014 as a creative outlet after painting "turn off your curling iron" on her own doormat. What started as a way to poke fun at herself actually turned into a really practical piece of home decor, and Be There in Five was born. A year in, she quit her day job to run Be There in Five full-time, and soon after she took on another part-time job; planning her Italian wedding (and building this website!) She also does freelance marketing, design, and branding work in addition to producing custom wedding details for brides in the Chicagoland area.

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